The college runs the National Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Programs. With the 6-3-3-4 system, a student spends three years in the Junior Secondary School.  Here a student is exposed to a wide range of subjects so as to give him or her the opportunity of knowing where his or her talents lie.  The students sit for the Junior Secondary School Examination. A successful student is allowed to proceed to the Senior Secondary while those who are either technically or vocationally inclined, are encouraged to go along the field where they fit in. The Senior Secondary students sit for an examination which is conducted by the West African Examination Council on the completion of their six-year course.  

The college has a broad based curriculum which enables its students to pursue courses like Medicine, Law, Architecture, Engineering, Education, Accountancy etc.


Internal: Junior Secondary BECE, NECO

              Senior secondary WAEC, NECO

External: Cambridge, IGCSE, SAT, TOEFL