SENIOR SECONDARY                                                   

During the fourth, fifth and sixth year students are prepared for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (SSCE) and Overseas Examination. The examinations take place during the third term of their sixth year.

Each student takes the six core subjects English Language Mathematics or Mathematics with elective Further mathematics, Geography, History,  English literature, Literature in English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture Science,  Technical Drawing or Art, Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo

In addition to the core Subject, a student chooses three subjects from the options, which  are:

Physics History Chemistry  Art, Economics, French, Christian or Islamic Religious Knowledge and Further Mathematics.


In the first three years, the college emphasizes the basic skills in the core subjects which are:

English Language  Mathematics Integrated Science, Introductory Technology  Social Studies Agricultural Science

In addition, junior student take the full range of College subjects: French Religious and moral Education, Cultural and Creative Arts, Physical and Health Education, Nigerian Languages, Computer literacy, Home Economics, Music, Business Studies and Civic Education.