About Us

The Trustychild College was founded by Rev. Bola Akindeinde in 2006.

What We're All About

 Personal and Social development programmes-Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills relating to a student’s personal and social development, self-awareness, decision-making and planning. Pastoral Care in the School (including Care Team/role of year head)

Learn Something Every Day

The founder who has a passion for education was encouraged with the approval of the Trustychild Nursery and Primary School College by the Lagos State Ministry of Education and by Parents who expressed satisfaction with the performance of their children at the  School. The Parents urged the proprietor to start a College.

Bola Akindeinde
Our Mission

Who We Are

"Our mission is to provide a caring,disciplined and safe environment where all students are given the opportunity to develop to their maximum capacity academically,emotionally,physically and socially."

The Management team is headed by the Group Managing Proprietress/Chief Executive, Pastor Mrs O. Akindeinde. Other members of the team are The Acting Principal, Mr Agbadu, Vice Principal, Head of Junior Secondary Section, Head of Senior Secondary School and Head of Administration.

The proprietor decided to search for an appropriate location that provides a safe, caring and suitable environment for a secondary school.

The College which started with less than ten students in 2006 at the site of the Nursery and Primary School has since moved to a more spacious and appropriate location. The College population has also improved tremendously.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Helping students to obtain self-understanding through the use of psychometric tests and other inventories.

Educational Development Programme

Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills relating to studying, examination performance, choices of subjects and levels.


Providing students with objective and factual data in education and training opportunities, occupations, labour, market information, entitlements etc